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Paton Electrics & Pure Air
About us
About us

Paton Electrics company overview


Paton Electrics has been in business since 1988, owned and directed by Matt Paton.

We are a business employing between 10 to 25 people, depending on contractual obligations.


Our business has been servicing the Telecommunications industry in Australia, since its inception.

We developed and designed the first electrical and air conditioning controls for the Telstra mobile network.

We have designed and completed sites for OneTel, involving feeder runs, earthing, electrical design and drawings on various sites including: churches, warehouses and rooftop installations.


Our company has been involved in many rollouts and installations of new Radio Base Station equipment and technologies. We have been involved in the installation of Ericsson Next G Radio Base Station technology and the rectifiers to power them for various companies.

We are listed as the preferred contractor for Eltek (the DC rectifier manufacturer)

We have done complete DC system upgrades for the ANZ bank, using Eltek rectifier equipment.

This work involved dealing with old and or damaged batteries.

We have developed safe OH&S work practices when performing these tasks and have completed all work with a high duty of care and standards.


From our beginning in 1988, we have taken pride in all our work and have maintained business contacts that continue to use us to do various works within telecommunication’s and other industries.


Services offered:

  • Electrical design, engineering and contracting
  • Complete electrical installations in commercial, industrial and telecommunications
  • Involving generators, air conditioning and control, DC installations including testing maintenance and battery replacement
  • RBS bolt down and prewire, general data and comms systems
  • Rectifier installing and commissioning, security alarm systems and CCTV
  • UPS and surge diverters
  • Lightning protection and installations of earthing systems


Since early 2007 our company as been building and fitting out 2hr fired rated As Built rooms


  • Project management
  • Room construction
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Fire rated and tagged door/jamb
  • Anti static flooring
  • Room fit out
  • Mains run
  • Comms run
  • Switch board and or meter panel upgrades and installations
  • Roof plumbing
  • Lightning protection and earthing


Greenfield sites


  • Project management
  • Site setout
  • Construction
  • Excavation
  • Monopole footings
  • Shelter footings
  • Shelter landing
  • Lightning protection and earthing
  • Electrical mains runs
  • PCM runs
  • Compound fencing and landscaping   


Our business extends into air conditioning, via Pure Air, a secondary company owned by Matt Paton. This company was started to do work for Monash University, where we helped design and install high tech, full fresh air technology, for their laboratories.


Our shop/office, where the two businesses co-exist, is located in Malvern Victoria;


Pure Air sells brands such as Daikin, Toshiba, Teco, and Carrier.


Paton Electrics running our contracting business, providing and installing:


  • Eaton Powerhouse U.P.S Systems.
  • Surge Protection Systems.
  • Generators - Co Gen,Tri Gen.  
  • Earthing Systems.
  • Green Technologies - Solar power, Wind generators, High efficiency Air Con.



We trust that our company can be of assistance, now and in the future.



Yours Sincerely  


Matt Paton